Northward facing….

If you want, ask me about the title when I get home… (the explanation is not rated G for all audiences…)

We arrived in Mullumbimby last night (again with all our luggage!!!) We were greeted with a dinner at our host parish (St. John’s) and met up with the pilgrims who are here from Ireland and India. I have vague recollections of the dinner as I believe the 36 hours of travelling had finally caught up with me.

Amanda and I are staying with a nice couple who had brought a bottle of wine with them to share with us. Red wine really isn’t the way to cap off 3 days of travel. They served several different types of sausages (flashbacks to Germany….) and some random salads. So far, food has been okay. After dinner the Indians started singing songs for the group followed by the Irish – they tried to drag our group up but no luck. All we wanted was showers and beds, which we finally got. I tried desparately to stay up until 10 (as recommended by some of you) but fell short – made it to until about 9:30 before passing out cold.

This morning we met in a small park in the town for a greeting by the town shire (our host informed us that they mayor was a greenie – in other words, concerned about global warming…) There we met up with groups from Tonga, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Again, they start with the singing – we are just talentless Americans – not made to perfom on demand for large group. Funny story – the Irish were goading us about singing as we got on the bus for the day and they were making fun of American songs and chose to start singing West Virginia Take Me Home to try to get us to shut them up – even in Ireland WV has a bad rap!!

Anyway, we went to Byron Bay for an Aboriginal Fest!! It’s National Aboriginal week here so we joined a parade wherein the leaders were demanding land rights right now – crazy!!! Then they had a gathering at the park on the ocean – the ocean is crazy beautiful here. We got to see an Aboriginal dancer – the man came out in a red skirt and white body paint and danced around – fabulous!!! Also, he played a didigidy-do (sp??) – either way, pretty cool and the guy was pretty hot as well.

The afternoon was not quite as exciting – they had some town historians talk about the history of this town and then took us to the historical museum. The Indians slept through the talk (they are not the most thoughtful group) and the Irish girls kept making bad jokes – for once the Americans were the best behaved of the group – go figure!

Tonight we are having dinner with our host families and then heading into town to the Pub. Tomorrow it’s back to the beach and lighthouse so that should be nice.

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Northward facing….

  1. Jen:Did they tell you how they make the digeridoos out of the trees hollowed out? Bob wanted to bring one home when we were there- after he made us take lessons from a native after a 5 hour trek through the desert outback with a native. brad was 12 at the time and not the least bit amused.Sounds like all is well


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