Whales and dolphins, oh my!

Well, today we headed back to Byron Bay. We were dropped off at the lighthouse and then hiked (and I mean, hiked…) back down to the beach. The lighthouse is the eastern most point of mainland Australia and WYD cross had been brought here. From that vantage point we saw 3 humpback whales migrating north – it was amazing!! We also saw a school (pod, not sure) of dolphins that was neat.

We were greeted at the beach with lunch by our host parish and then had a couple of hours of free time. We sat on the beach and then headed in to check out the shops.

We then went to 5:30 mass which was led by a couple of the Indian priests that are staying here, as well as the Irish priest. The pilgrims from our host parish joined us as well.

After mass, the man I am staying with drove Amanda and I around the town to see it. I may have not mentioned yet, that we are staying with an older couple, he is 78 and I’m not sure how old she is but his driving skills are not all they could be. Amanda and I continually take turns sitting the front because of the many near misses we encounter in the 5 minute car drives. This afternoon, we almost hit a dog. Now, we all know I’m not a fan of dogs, in general, but I really don’t want to see what happens when you run one over! We also got to listen to WWII stories – funny they have them over here as well…. Anyway, one of our stops was to the Bowling Club (lawn bowling – basically bocci ball) where we got to see some of the action. The parish was hosting a closing dinner there last night and we got a sneak peak.

The dinner was nice – they served lamb – biggest piece of lamb I’ve ever seen and, luckily, a chicken dish. They had requested that all 3 groups sing their national anthems and the Indians and Irish actually enjoy singing so not a big deal for them but we had to print the words out before dinner so everyone would sing them correctly. The Indians went on to teach everyone Indian dancing and then the Irish, not to be outdone by anyone, started teaching Irish dancing – we had nothing (well, the only suggestion was the Electric Slide….)

Today is Sunday and right now we’ve done laundry and we’re headed to a different beach in a little while. We have a closing mass at 5:00 and then our hosts are BBQing steak (I told them not to get me my own, I will live on side dishes). Our flight for Sydney leaves at 6:20 tomorrow morning so it will be an early night and early morning.

I love all the comments I’m receiving so keep them up! Some are more useful and helpful and some have just made me laugh – which is great!!

By the way – did not know that Dorothy the Dinosaur was Australian but will keep an eye out now!

4 thoughts on “Whales and dolphins, oh my!

  1. Yikes – I guess if I ever travel to Australia I will need to brush up on my county line dancining skills so I will be prepared when presented with a dance off :)Sounds like you are having a great time,ScottOh and by the way, when driving with our friend Josh, Glen and I also take turns riding in the front seat. We are so close to the car in front of us, not only can we clearly read the bumber stickers, but we can also read the dealership, see whats in the persons backseat, and sometimes even read the VIN!


  2. Hey Jen- I’ve been looking for you in the crowd when they cover the Pope’s visit. Glad you’ve made it and sounds like a great time. I’m looking forward to hearing more and seeing pics when I come to Ohio in September. As for singing, why don’t you try Don McLean’s “American Pie”.Cousin Bob


  3. Wow, it sounds like a great time! I hope your visit to the fair city of Sydney is also as nice. Yes, I hopeful and positive about that. I would write more, but I need to finish my lengthy brief. If you have been taking notes and are working on a trip summary, please foward it!- J P.S. — Do your Indian and Irish counterparts seem to prefer their native food?


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