I ate what??!!??

Last day in Mullumbimby and we headed to the beach again. We met up at the Starfish Cafe take away. This was recommended by Liz, one of the hosts, who was by far my favorite person I met while there. She was a knitter so we bonded right off. I ordered the fish and chips and it looked awesome and the tapioca pudding on top of chocolate mousse (don’t know what that’s called, except super yummy!!).

Got the fish and took it over to the park to eat. I was raving about the fish – it was the best fish I ever had. At this point, someone from the other table yelled over and asked if I knew what type of fish I was eating – what with it being fish and chips I said “it must be a white fish”. Ha, ha – it was shark…. I had been raving about shark – are you kidding me??? But apparently, it is common for them to use shark there for fish and chips.

At the beach, I pulled out my knitting while they swam and one of the little girls from one of host families made her way fast as could be and told me she loves knitting!!! She was knitting a teddy bear and sat by my side and asked a million questions about what I was knitting and how. It was terrific!! Her name was Haley and she was 12 – my new best friend!

The day gets better – we had a relaxing time on the beach and then headed back for a dinner with our host family who was cooking Australian steak for Amanda (not me, clearly). We finished dinner and the lady we were staying with asked if we liked avocados – we were both non-committal on the issue. She announced she had made avocado mousse for dessert – yes, you read correctly, avocado mousse….. It was green, really, really green. So, we ate it. Kind of tasted liked banana, but not…. What a way to cap off the day. Then it was off to bed since we had to get up at 3:30 to head to the airport.

p.s. – to answer the question from yesterday’s post – the Irish will eat anything, and actually, I think a lot of the food here is similar to Irelands. The Indians seem to have been pretty easy to feed as well. There were a total of 8 vegetarians in the group (and 2 were with us). But no elaborate Indian meals.

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