Seeing Sydney

We landed in Sydney this morning at 7:30 and were off to the races. We were greeted by John from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Wentworthville. He helped us take the train back to the parish to drop our bags and so we can head back to the city center for a lunch harbor cruise.

We got down to harbor and it was more beautiful than I had ever imagined!!!! We boarded a lovely ship and headed to the top deck for beautiful views and a good lunch. We were all starved since we had been up since 4:00 a.m.

Got a good look at the bridge from many angles. Saw the climbers up on the bridge. It’s high… I’ve been reassured that the climb is really easy – it’s gradual and not straight up so we’ll see. That’s scheduled for Wednesday.

Anyway, headed back to the church and stopped of at Target!!! We all enjoyed Target. The parish was having a happy hour so we joined them and were able to meet our hosts. Overall, it was a bit awkward, especially since we were all dead tired. I’m staying with Spencer this time. Poor guy got stuck with me since Sarah dropped out at the last minute. Anyway, we’re staying with Anna who is also participating in WYD and is very excited about it.

She had a meeting regarding her WYD activities so we stayed at the happy hour. It got a bit late the Catholic Women’s League that had put on the happy hour sat down to have their own since it was over. We had a delightful conversation with the ladies, Fr. Denis from the parish and another priest from Australia who is staying at the parish. They were a lot of fun. Anna made it back and we headed back to her place. She has a great computer so I’ll be able to keep updating which is great. Tomorrow we’re off to the Blue Mountains!

3 thoughts on “Seeing Sydney

  1. Love the blog! I eagerly await daily news from down under as I go about my hum drum life, you know, just working, going to Target, oh, wait…Congrats on the shark! Will Nemo be next? :-)Glad to hear you are having a swell time, can’t wait to see pictures!Love, Cara


  2. I thought Sydney and the harbor cruise were pretty amazing when we were there 10 years ago. We went out for the Whitbread Race and watched the start on the leg to New Zealand. Do try whatever the national dessert of Australia is- i can’t recall the name- but it’s custard and meringue or some such thing. I know what an adventuresome eater you are. You’ll be pleased to know that, as you expected, I lost the phone numbers for the SA call this morning and had to rely, yet again, on John. It was fairly amazing that I remembered it was Monday and that we had a call!


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