Captain Kangaroo

We saw our first kangaroos today!!!! We drove through the Blue Mountains today and stopped and found some kangaroos in the wild – it was quite exciting!!

Most interesting on the tour was the lookout point – Kings Tableland. All you lawyers reading this blog, take note – no guardrails or even a warning sign and overlooking the entire canyon. Completely crazy!!! On another legal note – they have passed a law in Sydney for the week that it is illegal to annoy a pilgrim. There’s quite a hefty fine for this offense. I’m really hoping to come across a sign to take a picture.

Concluding the tour was a ferry ride through the harbor at sunset and then we made our way to dinner where we ran into our friends from St. Mark which was very fun.

Lastly, we made the pilgrimage to the cathedral which was quite nice. Not knowing they had one made me think it wasn’t going to be that great but it was beautiful. Did a little souvenier shopping and then headed back to our home. It’s kind of late so I’m going to make this one short.

Stay tuned – tomorrow is bridge climb (not the leap…)

And yes, the bridge is just like the one in Paris, just like it….

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