I came, I saw, I conquered….

Today was the big bridge climb. After actually seeing the bridge I was definitely questioning my decision making skills on this one. But, we met up with our friends from St. Mark who were participating as well and then we were off.

They suit you up and make you sign away your life and then starting hooking all your belongings (that you are allowed to take) to your weird little suit you have to wear to climb. No cameras so that’s bummer – they have to make more money by selling you the pretty pictures they take at the top.

And we were off – we had a great tour guide who was a lot of fun. There were 7 of us in our group and then another large group from St. Louis University and one guy from Sydney who was coordinating the WYD voluteers and had never done the bridge climb before. We got “free” hats that say we climbed the bridge and have the WYD logo on them.

We started walking flat for awhile and then headed up 4 straight up and down ladders. Those were a bit challenging – actually the first two were fine, the third was not fun and the fourth was really not fun but we finally got up and then we started the gradual incline up the side of the bridge – it was amazing!!! We were at the top before I knew it and Mary Jo and I were amazed because it didn’t seem like it was that hard, which is weird to say.

When we got to the top, they take pictures of each climber. One of the guys with us is an OSU grad so we were forced to do the O-H-I-O at the top of the bridge – the picture turned out great!! He is sending it in to OSU to see if we can make the commercial!

Then it was back down. It was a great experience and I’m really glad I decided to do it. The views were amazing and the experience was great – we had the best time!

It’s quite late now and we have to get up early in the morning so I’ll have to tell you more about it when I get home!

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