It’s a small world….

First, I have no idea who wanted to know if I saw the Pope yet (you didn’t sign your comment) but really, I’ve done so much other stuff…. But, yes, today the Pope “officially” arrived. He’s been in Australia since Sunday doing Pope stuff. We had awesome places to stand for the arrival and I was actually able to see him with my own two eyes, unaided by glasses or binoculars!!! Much better views than any we had in Germany.

After that we headed to the opera house for a concert by the Sydney Youth Orchestra. The opera house is very interesting on the inside and quite nice. We were walking to our seats behind these Americans with these crazy cowboy hats with straw and American flags sticking out of them – terribly tacky… They ended up sitting behind us and saw our Cleveland sweatshirts. They tell us they are from an hour north of Dayton and my ears perked up. Turns out they were from Mercer County, Ohio which is near where one of my clients is located and I’ve travelled to more often than usual lately. Totally explained the hats…. The rest of their group sat a couple of sections over and started the O-H-I-O chant which was fun. It is weird that most of the Americans we have met over here are from Michigan and PA. I’m quite convinced that the entire state of Michigan is here. The concert was great – the youth orchestra was fabulous!

It’s late again, one of these days, I will actually be able to catch up with this….

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