Bird party

I will start at the end of the day and work backwards. We were walking back to the hotel when all these birds started flying to this tree. I am talking millions of birds. They were all chirping so loudly you could hardly hear above the racket. It reminded me of the dog party in Go Dog Go a favorite story of the kids I babysit. Very freaky in person!

We had been walking back from the mall – which closes at 5:30… Really weird!!!

Earlier in the day we went to the Cairns Wildlife Dome since we read that you could have your picture taken with a koala. We decided to go into the dome as we had about an hour to kill before the koala picture. I think we all know how skittish I am around animals. This was equal to a torture chamber for me. They had birds flying everywhere and they were huge!! There was also a lizard roaming free. Not big fans of cages here…I think I actually let out a couple of yelps.

We managed to escape in one piece and went out to wait for the koala pictures. We were then informed that the koala on duty – the cutest one had worked the max amount of time that koalas are allowed to work – 30 minutes so they had to switch koalas. I want those hours!!

Amanda went first since I wanted to see how it went – she proceeded to be mauled by the koala – she actually has claw marks on her shoulder!!

For reasons unclear to me I went next. I know you will all find this hard to believe but I had my picture taken holding the koala!!! It is a really funny picture-i am sure you will all enjoy.

We also booked our reef cruise – keep your fingers crossed as rain is forecast for tomorrow.

Caines is actually a very small city where you stay to go to other places so there was not much to do but that was good for today.

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