It’s not easy being green

Good news we made it back alive from the reef!

It was a less than ideal day for snorkling. In fact they were offering to reschedule because it was so windy – 40 knots if that means anything to anyone.

Having no choice we boarded the boat. Bad sign – they were passing out free motion sickness tabs…. I don't usually get sick and did not but it was the roughest water I had been in. Unfortunately, Amanda does suffer and so did half the boat – they set up a puke deck out back.

Made it to the first stop and we had signed up the intro scuba dive. After training I was already to bail and just snorkel but went ahead with gearing up anyway. Scuba equipment is heavy!!!

They took us off the edge of the boat to start getting used to the gear and that is when I lost it…. Completely. Had the guys haul me and the gear out of the water ASAP!

I was not the first one out another guy in our group had come out before me. Amanda stayed in for a bit longer but came in as well.

We decided to go back out and just snorkel but turns out I am terrified of open rough waters and could not manage to leave the deck off the back of the boat. I had many flashbacks of my dad attempting to snorkel in cancun.

We sailed to another spot on the reef but the waters were rougher and they suggested only "confident" swimmers go out – this definitely did not include me.

More rough sailing on the way in but at least the sun came out.

We are resting in the room right now – Amanda took a lot of dramamene today so she is passed out and I am watching the local news which is always interesting.

Tomorrow we are flying to alice springs in the outback – which has no water anywhere near it!!!

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