The dingo ate my baby….

Yes, we have arrived in Alice Springs and no, I have not found any t-shirts with the above quote from the Meryl Streep movie. We’ve checked every tacky souvenier shop in town but no luck – we’re not in America….

We flew Qantas here which was very nice – we had been flying the budget airlines around. It’s so much easier to fly here. No one even checks your id and you get to remain fully clothes and shoed through security.

Alice is a small outback town. We are really in the outback now. There was nothing in view except red rock and some bush as the landing gear was coming down. From the air the views were amazing – it’s so different than anything we’ve seen so far. We just wandered around town this afternoon. We are being picked up at 6:10 tomorrow morning for our tour to Uluru and will not return until midnight so tomorrow is a long day.

Hope everyone is well!

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