The Rock

I’m talking about Uluru, not Dwayne Johnson the wrestler turned actor….

We were picked up quite early yesterday morning, long before the sun rose to start the six hour journey to Uluru. Our breakfast stop was at Jim’s, which is famous because Jim owns a singing dingo named Dinky. Note to all fans of trivial pursuit – Dinky is the answer to a question in one of the newer versions so file away…. Not that impressed by Dinky and the whole place was kind of weird.

I should explain that during this six hour bus ride we passed not one town, billboard or other sign of human existence, nothing but red earth and brush, a few kangaroo, a few cattle and apparently there are also emu and camels. The land we drove through is divided into cattle stations that are owned by different families and they set up these road stops, like Jim’s, where they charge amazing prices for food, have toilets and campgrounds.

Anyway, we finally got to Uluru around lunch time. We picked up some lunch at the resort and then headed for our first up close views of the rock. It’s big, really big and in the middle of nowhere. All of the land that the rock is on and immediately surrounding belongs to the Aboriginals so there is no development (like what you would expect here in the US). We took a short walk around part of the base and saw some cave drawings and how the people used to live. We then headed to the Olgas – another rock formation close to Uluru. They were also interesting and beautiful. It’s just weird to see these giant rocks rise up out of the middle nowhere.

We headed back to Uluru for sunset and dinner, which is the big draw of Uluru. Tons of people (from buses) ended up at the sunset viewing area. The rock is supposed to change colors as the sun sets, I’m not sure we actually saw that but our guide told us to keep taking pictures and we would notice the color changes in the pictures so we’ll see. It was quite beautiful, especially as the sky changed colors.

It was back on the bus for the six hour return ride to Alice. We made another stop at one of the roadside places which was again strange – no singing dingos this time….

By the way, for those requesting “The dingo ate my baby” t-shirts, they don’t sell them. Amanda, who will ask anyone anything asked the clerk in Uluru and was told that it’s not “politically correct” so, sorry, no dice on the shirts….

Today we’re headed back down to Sydney for one last night before leaving tomorrow morning at 7:30 for Hong Kong. Should be able to put up one more post from Hong Kong before making the long flight back on Monday.

One thought on “The Rock

  1. Safe travels to you, Jen! Sounds like you have had a great experience and I can’t wait to see the pictures. We shall have to do a girls night out once you get all the photos.


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