Hong Kong

Did anyone reading really think I was going to like Hong Kong???? If so, you were sadly mistaken and don’t really know me that well.

I’m glad we stopped and 24 hours is about all I can take. We got in yesterday around 4:00 and then headed into the city. Amanda wanted to check out the “markets” so she chose one and we navigated our way their via train. This place makes NYC seem like a sleepy little town!!! It was 7:00 on a Sunday night and the trains were packed – most of the train stations are in malls and the malls were packed – it was crazy!!!

We then headed for the Victoria Peak tram to head up to watch the city light show at 8:00. Ended up taking a taxi because the queue was too long and that was a scary taxi drive but we made it up just in time. The light show was okay but through the smog and humidity it was hard to see. I’ve never seen so much smog in my life – this city is filthy!!!!

We grabbed a quick dinner and then headed back to the hotel as we were both on sensory overload. We took the bus back down and that made the taxi ride seem safe. They have doubledecker buses here and never before have I traveled so quickly in a bus down a mountain around sharp curves – and never again do I want to….

Today we headed up to the Po Lin Monastary and Big Buddah statute. We took a cable car for 25 minutes up into the mountains to this quaint town with little shops and then had a short walk to the beautiful monastary and statute (which was really big!!!).

At the airport now on free internet so this will be short. Will be home on Tuesday and look forward to catching up with everyone! Thanks for reading and posting – hope you enjoyed!!

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