Bears, whales and fish

So, day 1 in Alaska…

See a black bear – check
See whales – check
Catch halibut – check

I guess I can go home now…. Ok , so not really go home yet – too much fun! Went to the glacier this morning and saw a black bear cub climbing a tree and salmon swimming upstream and the glacier. Headed to downtown Juneau and saw the cruise ship, went to the Juneau Fudge Co. (yummy stuff!), had fresh awesome halibut for lunch then went out on the boat for some whale watching and fishing. My friend’s dad and his cousin each caught a halibut – I had no idea how much blood was involved in fishing – let’s just say the boat looked like something out of a horror movie when it was over and the fish were still kind of alive. Super gross but very interesting!

Tomorrow we are off to Tennekee Springs by Alaskan ferry and will be gone the entire day. Should be fun – will post after we get back!

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