Hola amigos!

We have arrived without too much incident in Barcelona. Air Canada is no Cathay Pacific but better then most American airlines these days.

The first real excitement came when we tried to check into the hotel. We were told there was an "issue" on the 7th floor and they had to move some guests and asked if we would. We said sure and got free breakfast and a cab ride to the 4 star hotel across town but we continue to ponder what the "issue" was…

We then started sightseeing on the tour bus. Stayed on and scoped out the situation for awhile before we started jumping off. First stop was the art museum which is housed in a gorgeous palace, sadly we got there at 2:15 and it closed at 2:30… I am not kidding! We then headed to Olympic Village annd grabbed lunch and stuck our goes in sand water. Beach was quite the interesting thing!

Finally we headed to this house that Gaudi designed and lived in. It was amazing! Didn't know much about him before but he definitely had his own aesthetic.

Lastly, before I drop from exhaustion… Most European moment of the day was watching two hookers being arrested around 9 this morning…

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