Lift me up…

We took the opportunity to sleep in this morning and thus got a late start on our last day here in Barcelona.  But we headed out and went to another building designed by Gaudi.  Again, the draw the was walk to the roof  – having made it to the roof yesterday I was in no hurry to climb to another rooftop and told Michelle to go on without me.  But, what I had not count on was the fact that the Spanish love elevators almost as much as we Americans!!!  So, with the help of the lift I made it to the roof and what a roof it was!!!  It is hard to describe exactly how this roof was designed and why it was so cool but it was.  Next we headed to La Sagrada Familia – the famous church designed by Gaudi.  If you are following along, pretty much anything worth seeing in this town was designed by Gaudi, if not for him, not sure what one would go see here..

The church was beautiful, in its own way, not really my favorite of all the great churches I have seen and not my favorite Gaudi work either.  The dragon house from yesterday was way better!

Sadly, we ran out of time and did not make it back to the art museum or more importantly to the Olympic museum (if you know me, you understand my sadness over this fact…).  But, we had a flamenco show and dinner to get to.  I did find a lovely spanish nativity that was handmade in Barcelona so that was exciting!  At the show we met up with Adi who will be part of our knitting tour.  She is from Maine and was very nice!  The show and the tapas were amazing!  Those dancers really can move!  Even more fun, was there was a German tv crew there.  We met the host who is filming a travel show similar to one that is on MTV (not familiar but will scan for the show when I get back)  Apparently this guy has to do goofy stuff wherever he travels and he was from Cologne!

We are off on the train tomorrow to France and I can´t wait!!!  I was happy to see Barcelona but am also anxious to get to France.  I´m really getting fed up with this goofy Spanish keyboard so will end it for tonight.  Next time I post we will be in France!!!

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