Better than advertised!

There are few things in life that are actually better than advertised and this week in France is promising to be one of them!

We had quite the adventure this morning as we went to the wrong train station. And let me just say the traffic in Barcelona on a Monday morning is fierce! So with two minutes to spare we flew out of the cab and went running through the train station and as luck would have it our train was still there. At this point some guy was trying to tell us something but it didn't matter because we had a train to catch… Turns out he was trying to tell us the train was delayed… By over an hour…

Turned out to be a beautiful scenic ride. We had lunch at the station and then were picked up by our hosts and it was on to the chateau. Words cannot describe how beautiful this place is – I saw pictures but it is 10 times better! When I have an actual computer I will provide more details.

We relaxed and met our fellow knitters and then headed to Minerve for dinner at this lovely restaurant. Not sure what all I ate but there was a lot of cheese and it was delicious!

It is late so I wish you all bon nuit!

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