Sun kissed

It was too late to attempt any posting last night so I am starting fresh this morning. Yesterday was a very relaxed day. We started with breakfast which included homemade jams from our host on fresh croissant and it was delicious! After we had our first knitting class – right the reason we came…

Then we wen out to lunch (side note, it was estimated yesterday that we spent about six hours eating…). Lunch was so good and big and included wine that we had to come back and take a nap! The knitting class had been on the terrace, we ate outside so I went down to the pool, took a dip then listened to Les Miz and dried off in the sun while I napped. I soaked up as much sun as I could before returning to fall in Cleveland…

Last night our host made us a 5 course dinner and we ate under the stars – it was amazing! After dinner a few of us hung out to finish the wine and just had a lot of fun! This story is for my mom. We got to talking about something and Rochelle came up. Apparently it is a very french name so I explained how that was supposed to be my name. Both Kristeen (our host) and her daughter both were like "you are a Rochelle!". They now randomly will call me Rochelle – it is my french name… So, there Mom, someone likes the name!

Today we are off to Coillure which is a fishing town near Spain and on the Mediterranean!

Au revoir mes amis!

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