if this suit could talk…

We have been talking a lot about the stories the walls of this 14th century plateau could tell if they could talk. I thought the same thing about my bathing suit yesterday as I stepped into the Mediterranean sea. That suit has been in the Atlantic, the Pacific and now the Mediterranean. We spent a beautiful day in Coillure, a lovely fishing town on the coast. I was surprised the water was so cold but I have never seen clearer water in my life. It was also really rocky which also surprised me. It is a salt water sea but you could not smell the salt – it seemed lighter. I will also say that watching the French navy seals train added greatly to the beauty of the beach…. It was market day so we got to check out the end of the market which was fun. I also got my first crepe!!!!

It was a long day and we got back in late evening just in time to get ready to go out to dinner. We went to this restaurant that is in an old catholic girls school. The church is still attached and was beautiful. Dinner was good and the chocolate cake I had for dessert was out if this world!

In the middle of all the beauty in Coillure I was brought back to realty when I was leaving the beach. Everyone was blocked up on either side of the road. I should note there is a church right on the beach. The people jam was caused by a funeral, the hearse had just pulled up any they were taking the casket in. It was interesting to say the least.

Just figured out that I can still use my new phone for data since the chateau has WiFi which will make posting much easier! And now I have to get to knitting class!

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