rainy days

Ok, so apparently it does rain in the south of France. Lucky for us there was not much on the schedule and what was could be done in the rain. We had knitting class in the morning and then headed to a quilt museum, or patchwork as they are called here. This woman had quilts from all over the world and they were all so beautiful. On the way home we stopped at an Aldi’s – yes just like in the states… It was kind of funny!

We came back and worked on our knitting. I finished my first sweater – don’t get too excited until you see the picture… We had a quiet buffet dinner in this solarium type of room due to rain.

I promised some history on the chateau and this seems to be a good place for it. It was burnt down in the 12th century as it was built to protect a count in the next town. It was rebuilt in the 14th century as a chateau. We believe it has been in the current owner’s family for quite awhile. We have not been able to confirm because the owner’s wife is in Paris and the guy fell on Wednesday and broke his leg in two places so he is in the hospital.

Gotta run class is about to start!

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