I ate what?

Somehow this is becoming a regular post on my travel blog…Yesterday was another quiet rainy day. We basically knit and ate.

In the late afternoon we headed out to a local vineyard for a private wine tasting and dinner. The wine was excellent. One thing that surprises me about the wine in this region is that rose is very popular and we don't drink a whole bunch of that in the states. I enjoy rose so it is a nice change.

We then had dinner at the vineyard. It was beautiful! And, as with all french dinners, was a million courses. Each served with a wine chosen for that course. The main course was brought out and set down before us. Someone said "it's chicken" but on closer inspection it became clear that it was not a chicken bone… It was much too small… I continued to tell myself that it was chicken while I ate it. I must say it was so moist and tender that you would never have known that it was game. In the end I think it tasted a bit like turkey. I atr until I had to start pulling from the bone which is about when I stop eating anything on a bone. Sadly the picture is on my camera so you all will have to wait to see it until I get home!

Off to Montpellier today!

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