New Project

With the whole purchasing of a house thing this year my travel budget suffered severe cuts. During the packing and moving I “found” a lot of yarn that I’ve bought on previous trips to various places. It’s now on beautiful display in my yarn room. I’ve always thought I would make awesome things from the yarn I’ve picked up while traveling but that’s never quite happened.

I believe it was someone in my knitting group who was talking about how she keeps all of her swatches (for you non-knitters – swatches are sample squares you are supposed to make so you know what size your piece will end up being, some of us are not always patient enough to swatch first and we regret later…) on one set of needles so she can look back and remember all the projects she has made.

I thought that was a great idea but see aside in previous paragraph and you will realize I’m not always the best about swatching. But I played with the idea and thought what if I made a square from each of the yarns I’ve bought on my travels and I could continue sewing all the squares together and have an awesome souvenir afghan/blanket. This would work best if I could catalog the yarns I was using and where they were purchased otherwise in 20 years I’ll look at the afghan and wonder why I put all these non-matching yarns together…

I decided to use my blog to write an entry about the yarn I’m using at any given time. Of course, if I decide this material will be the best selling book I’ve been wanting to write the blog entries may stop so that you all have to buy the book so that I can quit my ever so fun job and live off my book royalties.

Tonight I’m going to make my first square. I’m using a yarn from Tillie Thomas called Beaded Lace Freedom. I bought it at Stitch DC (Capitol Hill location) in 2008. I was in DC with Michelle and Amanda and we had gone for the Cherry Blossom festival. The cherry blossoms were in peak form the weekend we went so we were very lucky! They are so beautiful! We had toured the capital because Amanda had never been to DC before and after our tour we found Stitch DC just around the corner. The Beaded Lace Freedom was made special just for Stitch DC so it was the perfect yarn to bring home. I have made a few Christmas ornaments with it over the years as gifts. There is a small ball left and I hope it will be enough for the first square. After we tortured Amanda at the yarn store we found a little Cuban restaurant nearby. Our nice Cuban waiter decided we needed a pitcher of mojitos and that was the start of a very fun afternoon/evening meal. I still can’t believe we actually made it back to our hotel that night!!

So, now I’m off to start the first square!!

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