Square 2

Yesterday I had a really long day at work and when I finally got home and sat down to knit I knew all I was going to be able to do was knit, back and forth in straight rows without counting or following a pattern.  That meant it was a perfect night to work on another square.  It required no thinking and I knew I could finish it in one night and feel I had accomplished something.
This yarn is Adriafil Knitcol and the colorway is Rainbow.  I love variegated yarns in rainbow colors and always want to see what they look like knitted up.  I bought this yarn at Churchmouse Yarns & Tea on Bainbridge Island, WA.  Seattle was a side trip on my way back from Alaska.  I had a full day, having arrived in Seattle late on a Friday night and I was taking a red eye leaving Saturday night.  Prior to leaving on the trip I was talking to a friend who was familiar with the Seattle area and he recommended Bainbridge Island.  He said that despite my short time frame and the need to take a ferry it was worth the trip.  Being me, I did a little research on it and to my delight found that there was a store that combined two of my favorite things!!!  The first thing I did on Saturday morning was take the ferry over to the island.  It only got better when I found out there was an awesome ice cream shop next to the yarn/tea store.  The store was full of fun yarns and friendly people and had a cute little tea section in the back.  I picked up this yarn with no particular plan, I just really enjoyed the rainbow of colors it offered.  I’ve used it to make a few small projects here and there.  I’m so glad that I ventured over to the island and found this store.  It also allowed me to check out the island life in the Seattle area.

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