So, I finally took the plunge!  This venture was a long time in the making.  While many of you have been supportive of this plan, I have to thank Shelley and Katherine who were really the ones who pushed, prodded and encouraged me to do this.  Katherine is a former colleague who now lives in CT and I knit her twins hats 3 years ago and she loved them so much she asked for a hat for her third child who was born last year.  She also got many complements on the hats out on the playground circuit.  She, also being a lawyer, understood my hesitation in starting up until everything checked out and was on the up and up!!

Shelley has her photography business and has a pipeline to moms with her various activities she does with the “Twinadoes”.  She took the pics on my page of actual babies wearing hats.  The hats always look better on actual babies as opposed to my cell phone shots.

I am a master procrastinator (and a Libra) so once I figured out the legalities I held up the whole process trying to figure out a name.  I could not file any papers until I chose just the right name.  I got some suggestions from a friend of my Mom’s (and she’s my friend too!) and I brainstormed when I drove around 3 states in late July.  I have to thank my cousins: Katie, Erika and Lindsay who put their thinking caps on and hashed through a lot of this on our drive back from the outlet mall earlier this month!

Most of you know I am not a gambler so this type of risk is outside of my comfort zone but I love knitting and I really love knitting for babies and kids so this seemed like a no brainer, even for cautious me.  Don’t forget to share my page with your friends and in the meantime I’ll be knitting-a-round!!

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