Oh, how I miss the ballet! When I finally had enough money to subscribe to the Cleveland Ballet they ran off to San Jose, with my money. I eventually got it back but never did get the ballet back. Whenever I plan a trip to NYC one of the first of things I do is to check to the NYC Ballet schedule but I never seem to come when they are performing. So I was beyond excited when I decided to come and see all things Christmas (and a bunch of knitting) and found out they were performing the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. I bought my ticket the day they went on sale. I’ve never been to Lincoln Center or even by it and it is truly amazing. Also playing tonight in another theater was the Metropolitan Opera and a number of smaller shows at various smaller theaters that comprise Lincoln Center. Heck, the cafeteria is run by Tom Colicchio (yeah, from Top Chef!). Anyway, back to the ballet. I got to the theater super early to check it out. It was beautiful! And, now we get to the list of things I miss about the ballet. 1. the people attending the ballet. You just get a different crowd and that was magnifief in NY. I saw everything from ball gowns to jeans but the majority were at the upper end. And don’t even get me started on the little girls!! Too many cute dresses, too little time. 2. live orchestra music. There is just something about having the actual orchestra playing that makes all the difference. 3. the beauty of dance. All the cares of the world melt away when the Sugar Plum Fairy comes out and dazzles the crowd. They take a hard line on the crowd here. No pictures, no food and no drink – this is serious theater and the ushers are happy to bust anyone in violation of these rules. And everyone stayed through the applause. Too many times at home people start streaming out tge minute tge curtain drops, makes me crazy! I should’ve know how serious they are about ballet when I ran into the scalper on my way in! And the Nutcracker music piped into the subway station after the show really capped off the night. Oh I do wish Cleveland could support both a professional ballet and semi-profesdional sports teams but this will have to hold me over for awhile…

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