Thursday night knitting

About five years ago I decided I wanted to spend more time knitting.  I found when I was at home I found other things to do so I was very slow at completing projects.  My awesome local yarn store (LYS for those not familiar with knitting terms) River Colors holds a sit and knit every Thursday night from 6-8.  I decided to start going to force myself to complete projects and improve my skills.  I am not sure I realized what all would come from that decision and there are a million blog posts I could write about what I have learned, gained and just absorbed from the group.

But for today, it seems that every fall I become very busy, specifically on Thursday nights.  I’m always torn because my conflicting activities are usually very fun but I hate to miss my knitting night.  This past fall was no different so I was very excited to finally return last week.  I realized as I was trying to decide what to knit (a vital decision before going each week) that one of the best things about Thursday knitting is that enables me, and others, to complete tasks that may not be our favorite parts of knitting.  I know it’s shocking to learn that I don’t love everything about knitting but I think every knitter will tell you there is one task (usually part of the finishing process) that he or she just cannot stand.  Answers will vary from kitchner stitch to weaving in ends to sewing seams to making pom poms or binding off hundreds of stitches.

As I was getting ready to go last night I realized I had just such a project taunting me in my yarn room.  Doing these dreary tasks at sit and knit makes them seem much less like torture as opposed to doing them by myself at home.  I can listen in on the many different conversations going on at the table.  I receive encouragement on the said project and get opinions on how the project is coming out.  When things get really bad I can wander around and touch new yarn and read new books.  Or, if things are going really, really badly my friends have been known to chip in and help me out.  Last week I was not in need of any additional help and the dreaded task was done by the end of the night.  I am happy to report it will no longer be taunting me in my yarn room.

The completion of the task also allows me to chose actual knitting for tomorrow night.  I believe I will get back to my Emmaline which, according to Ravelry, I started on August 13, 2012.  This was the result of peer pressure in the sale area of LYS on a Thursday night but that’s a story for another blog!

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