Facebook was kind enough to remind me I have not posted on my page for 7 days so I figured it was time for a new post.  One of my biggest worries when I thought about starting to sell my knitting was finding balance.  Sadly, it will be a long time before I make enough money in the knitting world to quit my day job (although, that’s my goal!) so there’s that and then all the other stuff going on and my own knitting.  Where would I ever find the time???

There were a couple of weeks in November and December that I really wondered if it would all work but I think I’ve finally got it down.  I realized this on Wednesday as I was getting ready to listen to phone deposition and went to find some knitting before it started.  I headed back to the yarn room and started going though the corner of UFOs (unfinished objects in knitting speak).  The corner was a little out of control given the Christmas craziness.  But as I went through bag by bag I realized the count was only at 2 UFOs  It almost made me start a whole new project but common sense won out and I grabbed a short sleeve sweater that will be perfect for spring (and with a little luck will actually be ready in the spring!)

So I guess I spent a lot of energy worrying about nothing.  Hats get done and I’m not completely backed up on my own knitting.  Now, if only I can figure out how to make enough money doing all this fun stuff to quit the day job!!!

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