This yarn is like my student loans…

That is an exact quote from me tonight and it started me thinking.  Time is weird thing in knitting.  I have a shawl that I wrap around me at work that I knit (Color Affection for those inquiring minds) and a co-worker walked by today and saw me wearing it.  He came in to look at it closer and then asked how long it took me to knit.  I had no idea.  One, because I knit it awhile ago and two, because I just don’t keep track.  It’s never about how long it takes to knit something it’s about the process.  Oddly, at knitting tonight I was asked how long it took me to knit my Rasta cowl.  Now, I did just knit it last week but I still had no idea.  I can tell time more generally, in that, it took me a few days or a few weeks or, in some cases a few years.

This brings me to another discussion we had about time in knit years tonight.  I started going to Thursday knitting sometime in early 2008.  I remember this because it was shortly before my trip to Australia.  At that time I started working on squares for a blanket/quilt (Barn Raising Quilt) and they became my travel project.  Travel projects require their own blog post at a later date and time.  One of my friend’s started the same quilt around the same time.  I told her tonight that it was once again going to be my travel project this summer.  I really want to finish it so I can put it my new upstairs craft room.  That’s when I told her that we started them in 2008 which was 5 years ago and we both laughed.  She is much further along in that all her squares are knit she just needs to sew them together.  If anyone ever asks how long it took to knit that quilt I will tell them it was years.

Now you may be wondering how my comparison of yarn to student loans fits into this post.  Well, another way to measure how long it takes you to knit something is in yarn.  I am working (and have been working) on a shawl (Oakland shawl) for what seems like forever because the pattern just has you knit until you run out of yarn.  What I did not realize was the yarn it called for was the largest skein of yarn ever made and no matter how much I knit it never gets smaller, much like my student loans which no matter how long I pay on them they never get smaller.  Many people in my group have finished their Oaklands (yes, this is another peer pressure project) so I believe that at some point the yarn runs out but I just have no idea when that will happen.  I am forcing myself to knit on this, and only this, until it is done.   Even though I have tons of exciting new projects to start and I’ve never been known to be a monogamous knitter.  It’s the only way it will ever get done.

Now back to knitting the never ending shawl and if you see me wearing something I knit and you ask how long it took and I tell you I have no idea you will know why!

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