A Tale of Two Fiber Arts

On the first Thursday of the month there is a crochet club that meets at the yarn store.  When I first started going to knitting there was a craft/sewing store in the front part of the space the yarn store occupies.  The crochet group met in that store’s space until that store moved.  The owner of the yarn graciously allowed them to continue to meet in the space until a new business moved in and then they moved into our space at the other table.

Now some of you may be wondering what the big deal is – it’s all yarn and needle(s).  But you would be wrong.  The lines are drawn.  In fact, I recall one month when a lady was looking for a seat at the knitting table and when she saw we were all knitting she said (in a very disgusted tone) “oh, you’re knitters” and immediately went to the other table without another word to us
“knitters”.  And, thus, the great divide between knitters and crocheters.

While our knitting table is the picture of diversity, the crochet table is everything you picture a crochet club to be.  Mostly older women who talk a lot about their health problems and crochet at alarming speeds with less than desirable yarns.  They do have one thing we don’t – men.  Yes, two men are active members of the crochet club.  One of them crochets some amazing things that are truly works of art.  He also crochets somewhat creepy dolls.  I can only imagine what his home is filled with.

They rarely acknowledge our presence.  Although one of the ladies has taken to offering us the leftover snacks they have at their table, which is nice.  This month it was orange cake with green frosting for St. Patrick’s Day.  It always makes for an interesting night when the crochet club meets.  Tonight was capped off by one of the women convinced that one of the members had left with her folded chair (yes, they bring their own chairs as the store really only has enough for one table and they don’t do a whole lot of shopping…).  Good news the chair was found in the store and we all will rest easy tonight.

Luckily I have since learned that knitters and crocheters can co-exist in peaceful harmony.  I have a friend that started hosting a craft pot luck once a month and we gather to crochet (or, me, knit) chemo caps for Fairview Hospital.  They have welcomed me into their crochet group and do not discriminate based on my choice of fiber art.  We have a great time, eat great food, discuss a whole bunch of reality tv and do something good.  I’m even a little jealous of the crocheters because their caps works up so much faster than my knitted ones.

So now you know to never confuse knitters and crocheters.  Tip – knitters have two needles and crocheters only have one!

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