Goodbye winter (and a few other things as well)

Everyone I know is tired of winter, it just won’t leave this year.  I know we always get some cold snaps going into May but this year has been exceptionally bad.  I decided today that the winter coats were being washed and put away – I’ll freeze before I put on a winter coat again, at least until fall…  I also washed all the mittens and other accessories that winter brings.  This led me to clean out the drawer in which all the scarves, mittens and hats are stored.  (As a side note, I’ve been on a purging binge as of late, one too many episodes of Hoarders…)

What I found in those drawers were scarves I had knit when I first began knitting almost ten years ago.  I can’t remember the last time I wore any of them.  As any knitter will tell you the first thing most people learn to knit is a scarf.  And, once you have it down you knit scarves like winter will never end (and, it might not this year!).  I don’t even like any of them any longer and they seem terribly knit, at least to me.  And, thus, the dilemma of every knitter, what to do with all those hard worked pieces that you have no use for any longer?

Mine went into the donation pile.  I’m sure someone will enjoy them and they deserve a good life warming someone’s neck.  I should feel more attachment to them but I don’t.  These were my practice pieces.   They did not take long and were not knit with the highest quality yarn, or skill.  I bid them adieu and welcome spring with open arms!

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