Bee House


This is the first year I heard about this blog week for fiber people.  It sounded like fun and would help me work on my blogging skills and maybe reach out to some new readers.  Basically there is a given topic for each day this week.  This year’s week was divided into four houses (a la Harry Potter).  I chose the Bee before I even read the descriptions and understood the logic behind the choice.

The description of bees says that they are busy and industrious and can flit from project to project, oh, and bright shiny things easily distract them.  Yep, that’s me.  When I was packing to move a couple of years ago I found countless half knitted projects stuffed in the far reaches of my closet.  The really bad thing about that was how very close some of them were to being finished.  I promised myself that once I moved I would finish them all (this served two functions – get rid of the unfinished objects and I had no money for new projects!)  And, I did finish, all but one and that’s another story.  I’ve been better since that time but rare is the time that I actually only have one project on needles.

Once I read the descriptions of each house I was somewhat tempted to by the Monkey House.  Monkeys like to be challenged with each project with something new and interesting.  I do like my projects to be varied and I always love to learn new techniques or work with new yarns.  But, really, at heart I’m bee and there is something bright and shiny on other screen that is screaming for my attention now!

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