A Mascot Project?

I use a question mark on purpose in the title.  I’m stumped to be honest.  I’ve committed to the House of Bee and so our topic today was to blog about a masoct project.  As with all the topics it is broad and open to interpretation.  I searched for other blogs involved in Blog week to see what they wrote.  I also searched Ravely for “bee” projects.  As usual I was stunned by the number of projects that came up when I entered “bee”.  It’s amazing what you find on Ravelry.

All this searching only serves as procrastination for me from actually writing the post.  I don’t think there is any one project that represents a bee.  By our very nature we flit from project to project.  I’ve never known one project to hold me attention for a long period of time, unless I’m up against a gift deadline.

My bee mind tends to chose smaller projects that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time, allowing for me to move on to new projects.  I also like projects that can easily be put down and picked up at a later (sometimes much later) date.  I looked at my project page on Ravelry and I have 61 projects.  Almost all the projects are hats, scarves, bags and other small projects.  I’ve done two tops.  I say tops because they are not sweaters, I can’t even commit to long sleeves so both are short sleeved.  I’m not crazy about either one of them so for now I’ve given up on sweaters and their ilk.

Unless I’m knitting for someone else I almost always chose bright colors.  My knitting group makes fun of me and can pick out “Jen” yarn.  My current project is the Glacerie shawl and is classic “Jen”.



I love it – mostly because it’s full of happy colors.  Bees are easily distracted by shiny objects so I think the bright, fun colors attract my attention much like the beautiful flowers draw the bee in.  And so I guess that’s what my mascot project is – anything that knits up quickly and uses bright colors!

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