A Study of Color

Today’s assignment is to write about color.  What a wonderful topic!  If you were to ask me what colors of yarn I gravitate towards I would say purples, pinks, greens and I love variegated yarns of any color.  I think my love for variegated comes from my inability to commit to one whole color (and most likely my Libra trait of general indecision…).

Now, what colors have I actually knit with over the past year?  I just bought a new camera and my phone is a year old so any pictures of my knitting for the past year are on my phone so I went through and here’s what I came up with.


Not bad!!!  There are a lot of pinks and purples in there.  I do enjoy the colors of fall and tend towards beiges and browns for neutrals.  I realized that when I went to pick out a shawl to wear with something black.  Put that on the list of things to knit…  

Now the scary part!  Compare all this to my stash.  When I moved two years ago in my home and was single I decided to devote an entire room to my stash, because why not??  It’s all my space, I don’t have to share with anyone!!  The nice (or bad) thing about this is I can see it all, all the time.  Some days it calls my name and some days it just taunts me.



I would definitely identify this as my stash!  But I think we all tend to fall into color ruts.  I know in our knitting group who is going to choose the blue and who is going to choose the orange/red.  Maybe the next time I start a new project I will remember this and choose something new!


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