Tools of the Trade

Today’s post is supposed to be about our favorite knitting tool.  For the non-knitters who read this blog you may wonder how many tools are involved in knitting and the answer would be many!  Besides the needles, there are stitch markers, measuring tapes, scissors, sewing needles and my personal favorite the yarn swift.  

I say that part in jest and part in all sincerity.  I’m not a mechanical girl by nature.  I work at a job where I can have other people deal with paper jams and broken printers so learning to use the yarn swift was quite daunting for me.  And the whole process has been the source of many laughs for my knitting group.  There is just something about how to get the yarn through the eye of ball winder that mystifies me everytime.  And, inevitably, at some point there is some sort of issue.

But I do love the yarn swift.  I love how beautiful it makes the skeins of yarn.  I love how easy it makes the balls of yarn (much more efficient than me, my knees and the couch).  It saves a lot of knot frustration.  I finally got my own swift, a birthday present and have now designed an entire craft room around it and I can swift whenever I want!

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