I Did It!!!

Wow!  I made it through my first Knit & Crochet blog week.  I managed 7 posts in 7 days and am pretty excited by that.  I want to thank http://www.eskimimimakes.com/ for organizing this whole adventure.  I was not sure what to expect but it was great.  I loved being challenged by the daily blog topics, I loved seeing all the new people reading my blog and I loved reading the blogs of others posting.

The last topic is to look forward and set goals for the coming year.  In early January I had a few work friends.  The three of us have worked together for a long time and offer support when our jobs are just too much.  We sat around my living room and talked about our passions that we would love to turn into more than hobbies.  I talked about knitting and blogging.  After that night I made it a point to blog on a more regular basis.

Then I stumbled across a post about Knit and Crochet blog week and it seemed to be a perfect fit. So when Knit and Crochet blog week rolls around next year I hope to be more proficient with my blogging skills.  I started expanding my horizons this week and want to continue.  I have some fun adventures planned which will give me lots of stories to blog about.  Hopefully in new and creative ways!  So keep reading and keep knitting!

4 thoughts on “I Did It!!!

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