Practice Run

July is rapidly approaching and with that my 3 week pilgrimage to a number of holy sites in Italy and France.  I decided it was a perfect time for a practice run vacation.  I can try out all my new stuff and break it in and make sure everything works before head over the pond.

The perfect opportunity came via my friends and their 8 year old who decided a long weekend in Niagara Falls would be fun.  If you are reading this and know me you know I LOVE the Falls and it’s been about 10 years since I was last up here.  Above referenced 8 year old loves water so what better place to come, the entire ride up here she would periodically double check that we would get wet when we got here.

We checked in and I loaded up my new travel bag and camera, attached my water bottle and donned the sun hat (in which I look more like I’m headed out on safari) and off we went.  First stop – Maid of the Mist.  The Falls is the capital of tourist traps and I love every one of them.  We could not have ordered better weather and the boat ride was awesome as usual.  And, yes, we got wet!Image

Next we headed to Journey Behind the Falls.  Nothing like getting up close to all that falling water.  I kept thinking about that crazy guy that tightrope walked over the Falls.  They have info about him all around the place.  We grabbed some delicious dinner overlooking the Falls and then called it a night.  I hung back and grabbed some Tim Horton’s (seriously, they have these everywhere but Cleveland???) and then came back to collapse in the hotel.  Full day of activities tomorrow.

The camera took great pictures.  The bag seems to work out well.  I will need to come up with a plan because with that many pockets in a bag something will disappear if I don’t keep things straight.  And I made it through the whole day with no sunburn so I’ll call it a success so far.

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