Yea Yarn!

I was pleasantly surprised when our schedule allowed for me to go in search of the yarn shop I had researched in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  This is what happens when you travel with an 8 year old and nothing opens until 10am.  I had looked up the store but had not brought the info with me figuring we would not make it.  But when I found us heading up and realized I have no data plan that works in Canada I texted my parents and had them look it up and send the info.

They were just opening when I arrived and were very friendly.  The yarn is the in back.  The front is a small gift store with many local made items and lots of super cute stuff.  The yarn selection was not huge but they did have some locally hand dyed wool in two weights that was too pretty to pass by.  I picked up this:


Can’t wait to come up with a plan for it!  The whole side of the store is filled with beautiful fabrics and quiliting supplies.  I was able to pick up some fabric squares for a project at home.  I also found the most awesome birthday present for my friend, Amanda.  Probably won’t be able to wait for her birthday in June to give it to her!

If you find yourself in the area it is definitely worth at stop.  Check them out at  More on the rest of our day (once everything opened at 10) tomorrow but the fireworks kept us out late tonight and it is time for bed!

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