7 Minutes

I have 7 minutes to kill before my last work appointment before vacation so I figured I would do a quick post.  I agreed to this meeting on the Saturday before my 3 week journey a couple of weeks ago and now I’m wondering why I did that???  I’ve got all kinds of things to pack, organize, wash and prepare but here I sit in a Panera.  That’s okay, I know when this is done I will not have to bother with that pesky day job for 3 weeks and that will be awesome!!

Plans are in high gear at this point.  The floods in Lourdes have subsided but have left behind much destruction so we are unsure what we will find when we arrive.  At this point it does not appear we will get to see Pope Francis which is a huge disappointment but we are saying novenas around the clock that he will hold an audience on Wednesday (and if you have a moment join in!!)

Plane leaves Monday afternoon and by Tuesday lunchtime I should be enjoying the beautiful eternal city of Rome!!

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