Put a fork in me!

Rarely do I cry surrender when I travel but Rome did me in today!  But I should back up to yesterday (or it seems like today, I have no idea).   We had an Amazing Race kind of thing going on with the flights as there were 3 separate overseas group all leaving from different places as different times.  I was on the last flight out and the last flight in.  I did find a new use for those clips that hold your tray table in its locked position.

Upon arriving in Montreal I met up with Amanda (who did not recognize me for 10 minutes due to the drastic hair shearing from last week).  We had a smooth and uneventful ride to Rome, outside of the disco lights.  I’ve flown Air Cananda before but this flight had some funky colored lights that kept cycling through different colors.  Sadly (or lucky) it was cycling through red when they served the food so everything had a red tinge to it.  Anyway thanks to a healthy tail wind we arrived an hour early, yes an entire hour!!  And, we managed to meet up with the other two groups and everyone had all their bags and had arrived on time and were at the meeting place.  What a great start!!

After a quick bag drop at the hotel we were off to see the ruins of ancient Rome.  We explored the Roman Forum and the Coloseum.  It is truly amazing to see all of that still standing after all this time.  The thing that really amazes me is how did they build those things back in the day???

We also explored the churches of San Clemente and St. Peter in Chains.  It was a completely exhausting day especially on a few hours of airplane sleep and the glaring Roman sun.  I think the best thing I packed was my sun hat!

We came back to the hotel to shower off the sweat and grime and then headed to the Trevi Fountain which is just around the corner from our hotel for some pizza and gelato which is th perfect dinner if you ask me!

Now it’s back at the hotel for some brief wifi time and then bed!  Off to the Vatican tomorrow!

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