It’s an oven on wheels!

Today is a travel day.  We started with a quick and informal mass in the hotel before getting the bus to the train station.  Good news was that the hotel people gave us directions to the bus stop and the walk was considerably shorter and much less uphill.

On the bus we met two young novice nuns from Nebraska who were part of a novice and seminarian pilgrimage.  They were part of a papal audience and were at a papal mass.  They were very excited about the Pope and their good seats at the mass.

The kids were excited because we got to the station super early and there was a McDonalds across the street.  The most interesting thing about what they brought back is that on all the wrappers it lists the calorie amount and the percentage of calories that is of your average daily diet for either men or women.

Then it was time for the train. We boarded and it was warm but then it did not get any cooler, just hotter and hotter.  I felt like I was riding in a mobile oven.  Turned out the AC was broke in our car but by the time we found out we decided to just ride it out.  Then we passed another train and I am convinced we clipped it, no matter what it was too close for me!

We finally made it back to Rome, hopped the airport train and made it to check in.  Sadly, the nice Spanish airline informed us we were not allowed to check in for another 15 minutes.  We stayed in line and the one gate agent did nothing the entire time.  He did not even pretend to be busy.

Next exciting event is a flight delay!  It ended up being about a two delay and due to language barriers I have no idea why.  It is sad for the kids who only have tonight in Paris and they have now lost that time.   We are in route now and due to land around 10:30.  Looks like my first crepe will have to wait until tomorrow.  Train leaves at 6am for Lourdes!

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