Just like Cedar Point without the misters

I slept in this morning and it was awesome!!  I then slowly got ready for the day because no one else was waiting for the bathroom.  Feeling refreshed I headed out.

My first stop was Mariage Freres.  They make teas and have  tea rooms in Paris.  It is next to impossible to find the tea in the US and I got hooked on it when Le Petit Triangle was Oui Oui Cafe and the owner would bring back the tea from France and sell it.  Now I’m my own importer.  I stock up whenever I’m here.  And, if you’re a tea person and headed to person don’t miss it!


I enjoyed a raspberry tart and cup of tea (breakfast of champions) and bought a bunch of  new teas!

For my dumb American tourist story of the day, while I was waiting for the tea room to open I was browsing the shops.  The location I was at is in the shops below the Louvre (and now include an Apple store which made me kind of sad).  I was slowly walking about when I felt an American family on my heels (I was clearly walking too slow) so I stepped aside to watch them tear into the Starbucks (also sad to see under the Lourvre).  Classic!

Next I walked across the Seine and went to the Musee D’Orsay.  There was quite a line to buy a ticket, add that to reasons I love Paris!


I felt like I was at Cedar Point (only place at home you see this long of a line).  Except the line went really fast (30 minutes), there were no misters along the way and nothing telling me how long the wait was from that point.

The museum is an old train station and the building itself is something to see, not to mention all the art inside.  The D’Orsay includes works from Impressionism through Modern Art.  My favorites are the Impressionists so I was really looking forward to my visit.  The size of the museum is overwhelming and it has a strange setup due to being a train station.  I was slowly working my way through the floors and I had made it to the top and was working my way to the Impressionism gallery when I ran into our priest and nun we had been with.  Really, what are the odds?  I walked around a corner and there they were!  So we caught up on the last couple of days and then headed off.  I was about half through at this point and my foot was all done so it was time to sit down and grab some lunch.  The cafe was beautiful and, while at times it can wear on American’s nerves, it was nice to have French service (i.e. You can sit for as long as you want and unless you throw up your arms and wave like mad you’re waiter is nowhere to be found.)  That gave me the push to finish the museum.  The most amazing thing is the Grand Ballroom.  It was left from the hotel that had been part of the train station and they restored it when they turned it into a museum.  I can’t imagine living in a time when all that grandeur was in style.

From there I was going to head to Bastille Place.  Why?  Well, 1. I had not been before; 2. It was Bastille Day on Sunday and 3. My cousin Bob had recommended a cafe and drink on the Place. 

I had to cross back over the Seine and was surprised to find myself on Pont de l’Archeveche, or the lock bridge in Paris.  And down on the Seine there were all these really cool drawings or something for the summer.  I thought it was funny (and typical) that there were several guys selling locks on the bridge and you could tell it was a big tourist area because there were a few cons working the crowds.

I made it to Bastille Place and found the cafe.  It is a beautiful monument and the Opera Bastille is a really cool looking building.  My cousin had told me to order a picon biere which was delicious and totally beat the Belgian beer I had yesterday.  It was a great suggestion!

I saw on my map that the Place Des Vosages was close by.  For those of you who read Sarah’s Key this is where that book takes place.  What a pretty park!  The architecture of the buildings was really something to see as well.  And then it was time to head back to the hotel.  I stopped at a take away place (even the take away places here are crazy slow) and got a couple of crepes and brought them back to my room.  Tomorrow my friend from knitting and her niece are due in so I’m excited to meet up with them!

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