Why Blog??

At the start of year when I decided to focus more attention on my blog I noticed I had a number of likes and comments from another fiber blogger – knitnrun4sanity.  I thought it was super cool that someone besides my mom was reading it!

Today she posed the question of why and how did people get into blogging.  Mine started in 2008 as a way to keep in touch while I was on a 3 week trip to Australia. With the time difference and all it was going to be hard to let everyone we were still alive.  I came up with the blog idea because I was co-leading a group of youth from church to World Youth Day in Sydney.  Many members of the church had assisted us in fundraising and I thought it would be a fun way to keep them updated as well.  I created a blog we could share with the church and have kids take turns posting entries.  It seemed like a great idea and I knew I would want to share my own stories with my friends and families so I created a personal blog for myself.

I knew nothing about blogging and intended to keep it private.  I made my first post from the Hong Kong airport after we had been traveling for almost 24 hours (and had yet to see the sunset…)  It was a couple of days before I was settled enough again to sign in and post.  I was shocked to find a number of comments on my first post.  I had not realized the blog would be interactive but that’s the whole fun of blogs I’ve learned!  It was really fun posting each day and reading the comments from my friends and family.  

Despite that I did not blog again until I took a knitting trip to the south of France in 2010.  This time I was staying in a very old French chateau and when my knitting group saw the online pictures of the chateau they said they could picture me knitting in every room of the chateau, including the bathroom with the giant claw foot tub.  So, I gave them what they wanted.  Everyday I posted a picture of myself knitting in a different room and the last day of the trip I staged a photo in the bathtub.  The strangers in the group all got into and everyone wanted to help with the picture of the day.  The bathtub was the crown jewel of the posts that trip!

I started blogging more seriously this year.  I have friend who has a food blog (it’s great, if you’re into food check it out Chef Bolek) and I watched his postings and followings.  I read a few other knitting blogs here and there.  And I had some amazing friends who when we gathering for a holiday celebration we talked about things we really wanted to be doing and they encouraged me to blog more.

So, that’s the story.  I’ve blended my loves of travel and knitting into one blog which gives me more opportunities to blog.  It’s been fun and I continue to learn more and more.

4 thoughts on “Why Blog??

  1. What an amazing start to your blogging career. You have had some amazing experiences blogging and I love the knitting holiday one. Thanks so much for linking up. This is really a very interesting post. (Thanks also for the lovely comments.)


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