A Woman Possessed

Have you ever become completely obsessed with finishing a particular project?  This is what happened to me last week.  I was looking for something else to pick up and surveyed my current stash of unfinished projects.  I chose the welted cowl & infinity scarf by Churchmouse Yarns.  When in Seattle a trip out to Churchmouse is absolutely necessary, even if it does involve a ferry ride.  It’s an adorable store where they also sell tea.  Tons of yarns and cool patterns (and an ice cream shop next store if you need to refuel!)

This was a project I had started it awhile back with a random ball of Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton.  If you’ve never seen this yarn, check it out!  I will say it is difficult to knit with because it is 4 ply cotton yarn and splits all the time so you have to keep your eye on your knitting.  But the 4 plys are how the color changing happens.  Every ball has 3 colors and it starts out with 4 strands of color 1 and then goes to 3 strands of color 1 and 1 strand of color 2, etc. until you work through all 3 colors, ending with 4 strands of color 4.  I am obsessed with color changing yarns – I love watching the colors change and seeing what will happen next so I’m a total sucker for this yarn.  I had done a Wingspan with a ball of pastel colors about a year ago.  This new ball is what I call Christmastime (not sure of the exact colorway name).  It went from dark green to light green to red.  I wanted this to be done in time to use this holiday season so I picked it up last week and went to it.

The pattern is super easy and makes for mindless knitting (but for being careful not to split the yarn).  I took it to my knitting group last Thursday and made some good progress – the colors were starting to change.  They are longer color changes so it is good for bigger projects.  And, for whatever reason, after I started on Thursday night I could not stop until it was finished last night.  I really wanted to get it off the needles to see how the welts looked and how the color changes worked through it. I enjoy my Wingspan but I really think this pattern is perfect for this yarn.  All of the color changes look awesome in each of the welts.  It will be the perfect holiday accessory!  Now, to weave in the ends….

IMG_1193 IMG_1194

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