News and Notes!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and blogging fell to the bottom of the list.  Part of my time was spent revampting my Etsy site. Part of the time was spent trying to write my own pattern for a special request hat.

Over the summer I had gone to a couple of seminars on Etsy and worked on applying what I learned when I returned from Europe.  The hat that is most popular is my Browns helmet.  This especially exciting because I designed the helmet myself.



About six months ago I sat down to pick out a hat to knit for my friends who were expecting their first child, a boy.  I scanned through my library on Ravelry and then scanned through all baby hats on Ravelry and nothing was speaking to me.  I really like to chose the right hat for the right baby.  My friends live in the DC area but he and I grew up next door to each other here in Cleveland.  The wonders of social media brought us back together a few years back.  I did know that he still had a strong loyalty to all Cleveland teams and I saw some football hats.  For once I was thankful that the Browns have the plainest helmets in the NFL because it’s really easy to replicate!

The Browns helmet was popular on my Facebook page and with my knitting group.  I’ve already done a second hat and if they keep winning this season I might get some more orders!

Perhaps this will be the first of many patterns or perhaps I have peaked with pattern writing only time will tell!


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