Extra Hour

I realize I’m in the minority but I really don’t mind the time changes (I do dislike that it is 6:24 and pitch black out) but from a daily routine perspective I generally don’t even notice the lost or found hour.  Today I took full advantage of the extra hour.  I made it to Target at 9:30 which never happens and no one else was there so bonus for me!  I was in search of gingerbread cookie mix and was able to get several packages.

I came home and mixed up the packages and baked pieces that will hopefully be put together as a gingerbread aquarium next weekend – fingers crossed and perhaps I will blog more about that next week!

After all that I needed to sit for awhile and watch some football and continue working on the numerous Christmas presents I have started and with it being November need to finish soon.  I always have grand ideas about how much holiday knitting I can get done and most of the time even think I have a plan but then November shows up and I’m not even close to where I think I should be.  But I did manage to finish two projects today!!  Since one is for my 10 year old goddaughter and I can share that now.  The other will have to wait until post holidays to share!

My LYS got some new yarn in back in August and I thought it would make the perfect little scarf for my goddaughter and her twin.  I chose Nettie for Abby and Sugar N Spice for Gwen.  Both are from Universal Yarn and fit each girl’s personalities to a tee!  No pattern needed as the yarn does the work for you so just a simple K2, P2.


This is Abby’s Nettie scarf and it has small pieces of netting throughout the yarn, or as I referred to them “dohickeys” and that’s a technical term!

Scarves always feel like they take forever as you just knit and knit until you run out of yarn.  The other Christmas projects I am working on require felting.  I was going to felt all at the same time but realized I should felt the first one to check sizing, etc before I mass produce.  Also, was not sure my front loading, agitator free washer would actually felt.  While waiting for the magic of felting to occur I reluctantly dragged the scarf back out and was thrilled to realized I really had very little yarn left and I would finish it!  Only my knitting readers will truly appreciate this part but after I bound off I only had about an inch of yarn left – it was so exciting!!!  Meanwhile back in the washer, the front loader did a great job and I think it was high speed spin that did them in.  Also turned out well and I will now the spend the rest of this dark night moving on to the next gift!

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