Big Day, Little Hats

Today was a big day in my day job.  I was scheduled to finally argue a motion, the outcome of which will determine whether this case continues or is over, at least for my client.  I have been working on this case for over five years and this motion has been scheduled on five or six prior dates dating back to original date in June.  Given other decisions in this case I most likely will not be successful but a small part of me holds out some hope.  I got to court extra early so I would not be stressed by traffic, parking, etc.

I was sitting outside the courtroom gathering my notes and my thoughts.  I checked my phone and had 3 Facebook notifications and a message.  The notifications were about a picture I was tagged in.  The picture was of my friend’s 3 month old great-nephew wearing the Cleveland Browns hat I knit for her to give him as a present.  It was so adorable!!  The message was from my friend who just had a baby and it was the new baby’s hospital picture in which she is sporting the hat I knit her and took up to the hospital when I went to visit.  The photographer loved the hat and Madeline is a lovely model!


I could not help but smile looking at the pictures of these two precious babies in my little creations.  Somehow the five years I’ve spent on this silly case did not matter.  No one is going to remember the case five years from now (assuming it finally goes away, but someday it will..)  Knitting can be a stress-buster even when you are not actually knitting.  There are always articles being published about the benefits of knitting and I completely agree with all them.  Here’s another angle – take a look at what you’ve knitted on the heads of happy, beautiful babies, kids or whoever, I guarantee you it will be an instant mood booster!

Still no word on my motion but I’ve accepted the inevitable and, on the off chance I win, someone owes me dinner and it will be at a nice place!!

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