Time Out

I’m taking a quick time out from my usual subjects of knitting and traveling to share some important information on mental health.  I feel like almost everyday in the news we read something about someone who has failed to receive necessary mental health treatment for whatever reason and it’s terribly sad.

I have known my friend Deena for a few years now.  She is in an improv comedy group with another friend of mine.  She has a killer sense of humor, amazing knowledge of 80’s sitcom trivia and is just a fun person to be around.  We spent almost an entire day together going to see Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen at an Obama rally in 2012.  About a week after that she went public with her blog on Facebook.  When I read it I was SHOCKED, not surprised but speechless.  The blog post was about how she had just finished electro-shock therapy to treat her suicidal depression.  I never, ever would have guessed this about her.  There was never a time where I even thought “hey, there’s something not right with that girl”.  If anyone could be the poster child for how mental illness is really an illness of the brain and not someone feeling sad it’s Deena.  From the outside one would ask what reason she had to be depressed but it’s not a choice, it’s an illness and her blog demonstrates that with a humor that few can achieve.

She is once again undergoing ECT treatment for her depression.  And she had this beautiful piece published by the National Alliance on Mental Health, Shock Therapy, Ending Stigma, and Comedy.  In addition to fighting her depression she also fights for mental health awareness.  She asked her friends to share this piece as part of her campaign to end the stigma and talk about mental health.  It is the least I can do, especially when all it takes to make me feel better when I’m down is a night with my knitting group with food, wine and lots of lots of laughs.  You can check out her blog at Funnel Cakes Not Included.

And now, I return you to the regularly scheduled blog – knit on!

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