Why I Love Chunky Yarn

Tis the season for Christmas knitting, as if I’m a human knitting machine.  We all do it every year – over commit in our heads about what we can get done in time for Christmas.  This year I had the added challenge (and blessing) of having to fulfill a few hat orders on top of my personal Christmas knitting.  I tried to be reasonable about my list and it has worked!  I’ve moved on to what I’ve termed “bonus Christmas knitting”, in other words I have something to give the person but if I can get the knitting project done it will make the gift more complete.

Mother Nature cooperated with me and provided for a snow day on Saturday.  We got about 5 inches of snow which started falling early Saturday morning and did not stop until late Saturday night.  It was the perfect day to watch Christmas movies and bang out some of the Christmas knitting.  Thanks to the snow day I was able to move on to my bonus knitting list.

This year I’ve learned that chunky yarn and big needles are you Christmas knitting friends.  Without going into details (lest anyone who might be receiving some of the knitting is reading this) I did two of the projects with a chunky yarn and size 10 and 11 needles and, boy, do they knit up fast!  I started one project yesterday morning, was gone most of the day and finished this morning.  It took only a couple of hours.  I will post pattern links and pictures after the holiday 😉

So, today I’m thankful for chunky yarn!  I can now write out the Christmas cards and return to the list of “bonus Christmas knitting” projects while looking forward to January and more snow days and the ability to knit whatever I want!!

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