Happy New Year!


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I ran across this morning while perusing Pinterest for inspiration for new hats and it fit perfectly with today’s post!  (Follow me on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/jenknitaround/)

I have been thinking about what I want to knit in this coming year. In addition to the usual knitting resolutions (finish WIPs, knit from stash, and the above write down where I left off)  I’ve come up with a short list (although, probably still too long to be reasonable).  I will check up on this list at the end of the year and see how much I actually got done!

1. Yarn bombing: I love the whole idea, concept, process of yarn bombing.  I went to Pittsburgh last year to check out Knit the Bridge.  I’m going to start local, very local as in my home.  The ladies I knit with and I have been talking about this for awhile but this is the year, at least for me.  I have an old wrought iron gate on my front porch which had not been well cared for.  Every spring I attempt to do something to make it look somewhat better.  And then it hit me, yarn bomb it!  I’ve got a ton of scraps and just need to knit some tubes and tie them on.  I can’t wait to get started.  I’d also like to take the idea of yarn bombing into the community.  I have a few ideas and just need to get some time and look into how feasible they may be.  Hoping for the best!

2. More hats: I would like to add more hats to my inventory.  This year I would like to focus on holidays and special events.  This morning I was searching for some inspiration for a Valentine’s hat.  The hardest thing about Valentine’s is finding something somewhat unisex but hopefully I’ve come up with something that will work.  I might also take a stab at an Olympic inspired hat as I love the Olympics and I love to knit and what baby doesn’t need one??

3. Puzzle pieces: Last year I saw a link about a pattern for a puzzle piece blanket.  The designed was donating some of the proceeds from sales of the pattern to Autism Speaks.  Like everyone, I know several friends who have children on the spectrum and I love to help the cause whenever I can.  I bought the pattern (which you can find here) but have done nothing since.  I have a few ideas and will need to figure out which is best.  Stay tuned!

4. Blogging: While not directly related to actual knitting I would like to continue to improve and use this blog.  I like many posts where people share what they are working on today so I am going to try to incorporate that on a regular basis (not sure about once a week, twice a month or the exact frequency) but it seems like a fun way to share current projects, yarns, etc.

Now, I guess I better get started because time’s a wasting!  Happy knitting to all this year!


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