The Never-Ending Day

I have to travel for work this week, which is never fun and really not fun on the first Sunday in January which just happened to occur between a snowstorm and something they are calling an arctic vortex.  I left my house at 9:30am and arrived in my hotel room somewhere around 10:15.  Now, this may lead you to think I went somewhere very far, but no, I’m in Annapolis.

Let’s review how that happened.  All seemed well when I left the house, the plane was at the airport already and I flew through security.  I took the long walk to Concourse D at CLE, picked up a Subway to eat on the plane (noon flights mess with your lunch time) and headed to the gate.  By this time I had found out a friend was on the same flight so I met up with him and they announced the flight was delayed as we did not have a captain.  Ok, that’s manageable, but then not 10 minutes later they cancelled the flight and announced they had no more flights to Baltimore.  We lucked out and managed to get a seat on a 4:45 flight to Washington National but it was only 12:30 so it was back to the club, this time I brought my friend with me.

He had some work to get done so while he was doing that I tried to keep entertained.  This involved lots of knitting (good call on bringing the never-ending project), I read almost every article anyone posted on Facebook, took a few BuzzFeed quizzes, figured out how to get from DC to Annapolis (lucky me, my college roomie came and got me!) and had a few snacks.  I also had quite a few conversations with the lady at the club who cleans up your dirty plates and cups.  She saw me knitting (and wearing my lovely Oakland shawl) and was fascinated.  She was asking questions and then told me that she knits curly scarves.  I think she was talking about some of the novelty yarn that is out at the craft stores.  She said she would never try something like my shawl.  When we got up to leave she came over to say good-bye and I told her to go to the library and get a book with some patterns.  She thought she might try it in the new year.  There are knitters everywhere!

Eventually it was time to once again make the long trek to Concourse D.  Things were looking good and we made it on the plane, had some slight delays taking off due to schedules in DC but managed to only arrive about 15 minutes late.  At this point it’s 6:30 pm.

The next test – did our bags make the new flight.  Now, the original flight was cancelled and that plane never left the gate.  There were no other United flights headed to Baltimore and they had four hours to transfer the bags so I thought we had a good chance.  After the longest wait for any bags, it quickly became apparent that our bags had not made the flight with us.  Great, now we get to stand in line at lost baggage, and there was a LOT of lost bags last night.  The entire time my roommate’s husband is circling outside the airport because this was not supposed to take an hour, but it did.  Turned out that our bags had found an earlier flight to BWI.  I requested delivery and we headed out to dinner.

This was the fun part of the evening and it was nice to catch up with an old friend.  It was also really nice at that point to be driven around.  It was funny, I had thrown my winter coat in my checked bag at the airport so I had no coat when I landed but I did have my trusty (and warm) shawl.  My friends could not believe I didn’t need a coat (they’ve been in the South too long) after all it was a balmy 39 degrees.  As it turns out I will see none of Annapolis, my hotel is on the outskirts and the cold air is moving in so it will be dinner in the hotel tonight.  Here’s hoping tomorrow’s travels go better!

With all the traveling I do I’ve learned to try and be flexible, especially when it’s weather issues.  Once we finally took off from Cleveland I took a quick nap.  It was dark, my window was covered in rain and I could not see anything so I closed my eyes for a few minutes.  When I woke up I looked out my window and saw this:



It looked like we were flying in a cloud world and it was a good reminder that the sun is always shining through the clouds!

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