What’s on my needles today?

Part of my new year’s post was to keep working on this blog.  One of the ideas I wanted to work with this year was a what I’m working on post.  This month has been more crazy than most Januarys due to work travel and it is now January 21st and I’ve not once posted about what I’m working on currently.  So, welcome to my first monthly post of “What’s on my needles today”

Not too exciting at this point but last night I started my personal yarn bombing project.  This will require me to knit several very long rectangles that can be tied around the iron posts that make up the little fence on my front porch.  I’m using stash yarn, all those little left over bits that will never make anything but are still in my yarn room.  This will be a great project to work on during my knit nights because it requires no counting, changing of stitch or any other form of concentration!


I’ve got a long way to go to cover that ugly wrought iron gate but it’s only January!!

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